Tallann Resources


Finding, developing, and retaining the right people is a crucial and increasingly difficult task for today’s staffing firms. Your recruiters develop relationships, drive revenue, represent your company, and make thousands of small decisions that collectively add up to success. Your business excels when you have the best people.

Tallann Resources partnered with a national firm specializing in measuring people success – PeopleBest ( They helped us ‘crack the DNA’ of what makes a high-performing recruiter in the staffing industry. Using a web-based inventory tool, PeopleBest created a unique profile of winning attributes for staffing recruiters. By quantifiably identifying the key characteristics of a high-performing recruiter, you now have the blueprint for hiring only ‘A-Players’ into your company.

This course provides the summary report (50 pgs) of the survey findings along with a 50 minute webinar.