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This course includes two sessions for recruiters to conduct effective, legal interviews and avoid the legal pitfalls in hiring management.

Session 1: Effective Interviewing Techniques - This session focuses on how to effectively conduct an interview to identify if a candidate is a strong prospective employee, while minimizing the risk of inappropriate or illegal questions. This session is an overview of the interview process; a great review for current recruiters, orientation training for new recruiters or others that may not be as familiar with the interview process. Session topics would include:

  • Creating a positive candidate experience
  • Cultural Fit vs. Technical Qualifications
  • How to identify potential red flags
  • Effective follow up questioning
  • Obtaining Referrals
  • Behavioral interviewing techniques

Session 2: Avoiding Legal Pitfalls in Hiring - As recruiters, we must navigate an ever-evolving landscape of laws and regulations. This session details employment laws and regulations that you are most likely to run across, and teach you how to avoid the pitfalls associated with each. This is a must have for any recruiter or anyone else that is involved in hiring and managing employees.